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About the Astrobot Kit

Living in the peak of the age of technology, the interest in robots and robotics has surged dramatically. Here at Jimurobots, we provide you with the thrill of owning your very own robot educator - the Astrobot Kit.

What is the Astrobot Kit?

The Astrobot kit is a STEM Toy for kids and beginners alike to dive into the world of robotics, programming and tech. It is a great tool to introduce kids to STEM subjects and prepare them for future skills while having fun.


Product name: Astrobot Kit
Product type: Robotics Education Kit
Target Audience: Kids and Beginners
Skills Required: None
Skills Developed: Basic Programming, Robotics, Problem-Solving, Mechanics

Concluding Note

The Astrobot Kit is much more than just a robot. It's an opportunity for kids and beginners to engage, experiment and learn. It’s a fun-filled educational tool that can help shape the engineers, architects, designers, and thinkers of tomorrow.

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