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Explorer Kit

This Explorer Kit is the perfect starter kit with 5 pre-designed characters. It includes 7 servos and 372 pieces so you can use your imagination to create new codeable creatures and robots. Build the BabyBot, T-Rex, Walrus, Parrot and more…

  • 7 Servos
  • 1 Battery
  • 372 Pieces
  • 1 MC-Box

Explorer Kit


The Jimu Robot Explorer Kit is a DIY, Bluetooth app-enabled robotics building kit. The Explorer Kit includes a central control unit, 7 highly accurate digital servo motors, servo connector wires, lithium battery pack and power adapter, 372 interlocking parts with easy snap-in design and quick links to the Jimu App and quick start guides.

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From Smarty to Whiz Kid to Brainiac, There’s a Kit for You!

Jimu Robot Kits offer a wide variety of challenging builds. Perfect for anyone just starting out, all the way up to aspiring Jimu Masters.

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